World Serpent


Legend has it that the World Serpent is a colossal sea snake that has crept along the depths of the ocean for time immemorial. The Serpent is so large that some claim it has wrapped itself completely around the globe.

The presence of the Serpent disrupts trade, war, and information exchange across the world by impeding sea travel. Travel across any significant body of water comes with great risk. Fleets both large and small that venture into one of the known “Serpent Lanes” that encircle every known island and continent are often lost at sea without known cause or explanation.

Despite the World Serpent’s near god-like presence, no known cults worship him. Those insane enough to do so, often travel out to sea and are never heard from again. Despite this, the World Serpent is represented as a deity in the Temple of Pantheons.

A creature resembling the World Serpent was killed during the Ascendance of Fortia. The creature’s flesh was seen to burst into flame as it was dying. Placing the flesh in sea water appears to stave off its immolation.

It is unclear whether or not the seas are now safe to travel.

World Serpent

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